Friday, June 4, 2010

P90X: Day 2 Plyometrics!

Nice! Well day 2 is in the bag and I didn't do that bad at all. The workout was just shy of 1 hour, but I'll admit it was a LONG hour. Plyo was difficult but fun, I definitely "brought it" and did about 90% without any mods. Also I didn't pause it until 29:14... and with that I only gave myself a 1min break. I'm so stoked and ready to keep going!

They say that this is the hardest workout of the series and I believe it too. During the session I did have a recovery drink as well as my water handy and can I say that I can def tell an improvement in my overall recovery speed with this drink. After I was done I cleaned up and took a cold bath(for the legs) and it was nice! I am working part time tonight and get off at 4am, at that point I will pick up my lost Ab ripperX that I missed yesterday. Well, If you care to leave any questions, comments or words of encouragements please feel free. More to come tomorrow Day 3: Shoulders and arms! 2 down 88 to go, keep pushing play!

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jameson said...

so stoked about this! keep blogging... keep yourself accountable... put it all out there. if you skip a workout, fall off the wagon, LOG IT!

i will be watching!

if you need anything... training or nutrition wise just say the word.