Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ben Harper

You can eat right, exercise all day long and be completely healthy physically... but how long should it take a broken heart to mend...? "They say time will Make all this go away, But it's time that has taken my tomorrows... And turned them into yesterdays". Just having a rough night of it folks... I should be back to my happy self soon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

P90X: Day 15, start of week 3. Chest and Back

Sigh... Week 3, I have to be honest, I bagged on yoga on Sunday and Kempo on Tuesday. It's OK I can handle the strong words I'm about to get from you. I'm beating myself up over it too. Sunday morning Is my second night of my 36hour work weekend and I was feeling it! My challenge in completing P90X truly is my work schedule. I love working nights but that was before the X. Now it seems that I just don't have the steam(motivation) to get off work and hit the training... Does this make for a bad person, I think not. week 3 is going to be my hit it and forget it week! I'm back and feeling better than ever, I'm not even sore like I was this time last week. Admittedly, I am getting tired and bored of the same routine, But I just have to remember that shortly I will be moving on to phase 2.

Phase 2 is where I see the big jump in result from all of the YouTube video's out there! This is that I can't what for... results! In the last 2 weeks I have got down to 212 and can tell some of my shirts and shorts are a little bit looser on me... So we will see I guess! My diet is still a high protien low carb with lots of fruits and veggies, Fish like salmon and tuna(canned or pouch... I'm not rich) and good for you nuts. Although I did cheat and enjoyed one of the new spicy chicken sandwiches from chic-fil-a the other day, Mmm! I am doing well otherwise, I'm going to finish this program if it kills me! Well back to the grind. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

P90X: Week 2 start

Ok, so I haven't posted in a couple of days and I have good reason... I'm busy and tired! I was off Wednesday(Day 7, Rest day) and Thursday(Chest and back, Day 8). Well Wednesday for my rest day I played softball for my Depts league team and I had Kennedy that night too. Thursday I had the range for my annual Qualls... I got home from a long hot day in the sun at 2230(10:30) that night! To say that I was beat down is an understatement! I bagged the chest and back workout! "OH NO" you say?! Don't worry, I doubled up the next day, so Friday not only did I do Chest and Back, but I also did my PLYOMETRICS too! I;m not a beast but I felt good after words! I hydrated and fueled my body the right way and even took some berry's to work with me that night too. Yup I worked 12hrs that night also! I got home this morning and fell right to sleep and slept till 1400(2pm).

I completed Shoulders and Arms today and I do feel a little drained today, like I'm only at 65% energy level... Time to work another long 12hr night shift... and then in the morning I'm taking Boo out to breakfast1 She loves it when She gets to go to Breakfast with Daddy and I do too. After that, it's bed time till 1400 and then it's Yoga X before work(and no I didn't get to finish up the last session either, sorry!)Well I'm 3 days into week 2 and Iam starting to see some results in my performance just since last week, that's a good thing right? OK, back to work now, Post ya later!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Work stuff...

Few people understand the psychology of dealing with a highway traffic cop. A normal speeder will panic and immediately pull over to the side. This is wrong... It arouses contempt in the cop heart. Make the bastard chase you. He will follow... But he won't know what to make of your blinker signal that says you are about to turn right. This is to let him know you're pulling off for a proper place to talk. It will take him a moment to realize that he's about to make a 180 degree turn at speed, but you will be ready for it. Brace for the g's

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

P90X: Day 6 Kempo X

Again... I started late. This time it was because I had to go and Vote for a new District 2 VA Congressman, Go Scott Taylor. A former US Navy SEAL, an old friend and a supporter of REAL change and less wasteful spending in DC! Also I have a beautiful little 5yr old girl that for the most part is a good girl, but today turned into demon spawn! So I got a postponed start to my workout due to discipline issue with her... enough said.

As far as the workout went it was pretty fun and believe it or not very easy for me! For the most part we do this stuff twice a year here at work, so it was old hat to me. Tony and the crew started out with the normal stretching routine and warm up. We then moved into some balance stretching and for some reason this is where I have been having issues. My Balance is not the best, I assume this is due to weak leg muscle and new routines. Also I have noticed on occasions that if I'm just walking around I might have a slight swagger to the side. This might be a side affect of my ear piece I wear on the job so the bad guys can't hear my coms while I'm coming up on them. I believe it is messing with my equilibrium and balance, so I'm going to limit its use for a while to see if it helps.

The session continued with a barrage of punches, strikes blocks and kicks. It then moved into combo moves and more kicks. Due to being behind in my desired workout schedule, I FFWD through most of the breaks, again this is stuff I'm use to and it helped me gain some time back. I don't like doing that because I could really feel the fatigue towards the end, I did get a second wind and finished super strong in the last 10 minutes. For what it's worth I had a great time and was surprised at how well I did. Yesterday, I was getting all myself syked up about this evolution for nothing. This is by far one of my more favorite workouts so far. Tomorrow is a "Rest day", But don't forget, I still need to finish 1 whole hour of Yoga X that I bailed on Sunday night. Well 6 days down...84 days left to go! KEEP PUSHING PLAY!

Monday, June 7, 2010

P90X: Day 5 Legs and Back

After my tumble off the wagon yesterday, I jumped back on in glorious style! Today, I again started just a bit too late to get in my Ab RipperX, But I did get in the last one I missed so I'll just hit it in the AM when I get off work. This workout was a beast as are all the rest, but the fact that my quads are still burning(and I still have trouble bending down to sit) made this a real test of mental fortitude. But I did it. I did mod some of the routine to adjust for the fiery discomfort in my lower thighs and for obvious balance issues. I am starting to enjoy my workout time, I just keep thinking about my outcome in the end!

Also, I know I shouldn't be doing it, But I have a back habit of using the scale... I feel good and have been following my nutrition plan with no cheating, But I've gained 4lbs. Now I know that muscle weighs more than fat, but it's way to soon(4 days) to see that big of a change in my BMI. I am putting the scale up tomorrow and won't get it back out until day 30, that way I don't get discouraged. The only thing I can associate the gain with is either water weight or the combo of my Protein shake w/ L-Glut. tablets. Again, I'll just do what I need to do and stay the course. Tomorrow is Kempo X... wish me luck! Thanks for reading. 5 days done, 85 to go!( I'm not going to keep the day timer going for much longer, I'm just having fun!)