Monday, April 20, 2009

Gett'n um in...

Yesterday I got off work @ 0600 and went straight out to catch the 7am road ride with some of the Unity tour team. It was really nice out, and I was feeling great even though I just work 12hs on the night shift. There were a few people already there when I showed up, so I started getting ready so not to hold anyone up. Albeit we didn't role out for another 20 minutes. My legs began to get cold(grab my arm warmer instead of legwarmers) and if forced me to warm up a little earlier than I'd like.

Finally we rolled out and started to get some blood pumping, that with the sun coming over the tree line my legs started feeling slightly better. Oh and I also fix my bar tape and tuned the front derailleur since the last ride and the new whip feels great now! Some (8)miles into the ride I noticed my left calf give me that "hey you!' cramp twitch... but I just rode it out. Did a couple sprints out of the saddle, and bridged a few gaps when the calf totally locked up. Pulling over was a bitch, then as I was getting off to massage it out the right one lock up too! After walking them out for 5mins I was able to jump back in the the group and finish out the rest of the ride working some intervals and pace lines. All in all I felt good and strong which was a nice surprise at the end of the day!

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jameson said...

way to get on it dude... i am stoked you started the blog. now i can keep you accountable.

keep it up... i'll call you this week to chat about things.