Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sitting at work...

Here we go again, another 3 day weekend of working nights. At least I have a computer that I can use to surf the web! I'm looking up info on the new "Trader Joe's" said to be coming to Va Beach, but can't get the opening date anywhere. I'm stoked about it though! Thing is if I can get my meats and Veg from there and save some coin to boot I'm all about it! Plus, they have all the other ingredients I need for my "Primal Diet" also... and cheap wine.

Yesterday my Dad came over to see the new pad and instead of dropping a tom of money on going out to eat I suggested we just grill out(...Primal style). So he bought the food(along with a new printer/copier/scanner as a surprise to me) and I got the fire going. We threw down... steaks, chicken, grilled squash/zucchini w/mushrooms and a monster salad with home made croutons! It was awesome! Dad told me it was the best he had had in a long time! Nice. There was enough left over for me to take bring to work tonight, and steak to grill for lunch tomorrow too! Dad hooked it up!!!

Over the next few weeks I'll be monitoring my weight and energy levels to see just how much I need to adjust for my workouts/training schedule. I need to get in some good riding and saddle time prior to the Police Unity Tour starting May 10th. And will benefit from the new life style change I'm sure! I'd also like to wish James luck this weekend with his "2" back to back races at the Sea Otter Classic in Montery Ca. The kid is a beast! Again Good luck bro!

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