Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today: working, so I'll sleep most of the day(and the T-storms don't help out for training). Yesterday was a rest day. But Monday I rode pretty hard. Monday started off with me again getting off work @ 6am(after working 12hrs), and heading out for the group ride out of Fat Frogs Bikes.

They have a few rides that jump off a couple minutes apart... Class "A", then "B"... "C" and so on. Well I was felling great from the ride the day before, and was eating better too, so I jumped on the "B" pace(cat 3) group... hmmm. After getting spit of the back and dropped like a bad habbit I waited for the "C" group(cat 3-4) to catch me. I jump on their wheels and sat in for a few miles and was felling the pace... then we started rolling it up. Oh did I mention that the group was all ladies :) and one was the '08 Va. State road Champion(get her name next time)?! I just got my bike and still don't have a CPU(I'm looking at a garmin 205/305), so I don't know how fast I'm going. We continued to paceline for about 18 miles until I just didn't have it in me anymore. But we were only about 2 mile from the end and didn't mind "limpping" back to the shop.

I got back and started chattin with the "girls" and found out we were pulling it in at around 23-25 for most of the ride! WTF! Not bad huh? I mean not bad at all for a guy who has only riden maybe 6 times ing the last 8yrs! I felt good afterwords but tired. I think I'll try to tone it back just a little for the next few rides until I get a better base on where I'm at. Right now I have to remember it's all about the miiles and not the speed. again I work tonight, so I'm off to bed. More to come later...

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jameson said...

way to take your medicine! keep it up and keep pushing your self.