Monday, June 7, 2010

P90X: Day 4 Yoga X

WTF! I'm a pretty flexible guy even if I do weigh a metric ton(joke), but I was STRUGGLING to finish this workout. It has to be a combination of just being all in all sore from the level of workouts in the last few days and that I have never done yoga before. Getting the movements and proper form down was a jerky learning curve at best! Alas I have to admit defeat in my quest to concore the battle of the day... I stopped with a little less that an hour to go. Sad face here...

BUT! "A man can be defeated but not destroyed" as my good man E. Hemingway had said. I will pick up and finish this days session before the next time I have yoga on the schedule again. WORD! 4 days in...86 days out!

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