Wednesday, June 16, 2010

P90X: Day 15, start of week 3. Chest and Back

Sigh... Week 3, I have to be honest, I bagged on yoga on Sunday and Kempo on Tuesday. It's OK I can handle the strong words I'm about to get from you. I'm beating myself up over it too. Sunday morning Is my second night of my 36hour work weekend and I was feeling it! My challenge in completing P90X truly is my work schedule. I love working nights but that was before the X. Now it seems that I just don't have the steam(motivation) to get off work and hit the training... Does this make for a bad person, I think not. week 3 is going to be my hit it and forget it week! I'm back and feeling better than ever, I'm not even sore like I was this time last week. Admittedly, I am getting tired and bored of the same routine, But I just have to remember that shortly I will be moving on to phase 2.

Phase 2 is where I see the big jump in result from all of the YouTube video's out there! This is that I can't what for... results! In the last 2 weeks I have got down to 212 and can tell some of my shirts and shorts are a little bit looser on me... So we will see I guess! My diet is still a high protien low carb with lots of fruits and veggies, Fish like salmon and tuna(canned or pouch... I'm not rich) and good for you nuts. Although I did cheat and enjoyed one of the new spicy chicken sandwiches from chic-fil-a the other day, Mmm! I am doing well otherwise, I'm going to finish this program if it kills me! Well back to the grind. Thanks for reading!

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jameson said...

do what you can dude.

i also suggest you start trying to do quick daily post on the this blog.. posting workouts and nutrition log...

help me help you!