Tuesday, June 8, 2010

P90X: Day 6 Kempo X

Again... I started late. This time it was because I had to go and Vote for a new District 2 VA Congressman, Go Scott Taylor. A former US Navy SEAL, an old friend and a supporter of REAL change and less wasteful spending in DC! Also I have a beautiful little 5yr old girl that for the most part is a good girl, but today turned into demon spawn! So I got a postponed start to my workout due to discipline issue with her... enough said.

As far as the workout went it was pretty fun and believe it or not very easy for me! For the most part we do this stuff twice a year here at work, so it was old hat to me. Tony and the crew started out with the normal stretching routine and warm up. We then moved into some balance stretching and for some reason this is where I have been having issues. My Balance is not the best, I assume this is due to weak leg muscle and new routines. Also I have noticed on occasions that if I'm just walking around I might have a slight swagger to the side. This might be a side affect of my ear piece I wear on the job so the bad guys can't hear my coms while I'm coming up on them. I believe it is messing with my equilibrium and balance, so I'm going to limit its use for a while to see if it helps.

The session continued with a barrage of punches, strikes blocks and kicks. It then moved into combo moves and more kicks. Due to being behind in my desired workout schedule, I FFWD through most of the breaks, again this is stuff I'm use to and it helped me gain some time back. I don't like doing that because I could really feel the fatigue towards the end, I did get a second wind and finished super strong in the last 10 minutes. For what it's worth I had a great time and was surprised at how well I did. Yesterday, I was getting all myself syked up about this evolution for nothing. This is by far one of my more favorite workouts so far. Tomorrow is a "Rest day", But don't forget, I still need to finish 1 whole hour of Yoga X that I bailed on Sunday night. Well 6 days down...84 days left to go! KEEP PUSHING PLAY!

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