Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back on the bike...

Ok, so I got off work this morning at 0600 and rushed home to change, and grab my bike. The word was that a group of people from my department were going for a training ride. Nothing to long 35k or so at about a 15-18 pace. Again I was in a rush. And in turn forgot my water bottle, and sunglasses. Damn! Oh well, no worries, I was well hydrated from the prior night so I was good and I could just deal with the sun in the eyes.

Rolling up to the parking lot I noticed I was the first one there, it's 0640...hmmm. The others showed up a few minutes later, it's all good. Just thought they weren't coming at first. The group turned out to be four of us total, and the route we're riding is bad for a morning head wind. This could be bad for me due to just working 12 hours(at night). But I've been in worst spots before! The riders: Ret. Chief Mustin, Ret. Sgt. J. Mapes, his wife Sgt. K. Mapes from our I.A. dept.(yikes!), and yours truly.

So the four of us set out @ 0700, as planed, feeling good I might add. The weather was a nice morning 76 F with about 80% humidity, not bad for VB in July. I quickly noticed that I had put on some lbs sense my last ride, again I've been in worst spots, but that plus being tired wasn't going to help. And the Bike I had just got(less the 75 miles ago) was feeling loose, and just a bit small. It didn't feel "right" getting out of the saddle for the sprints, like it wasn't safe. All-in all I was going to give it my all, and hard charge what ever came my way!

The first leg was fairly uneventful aside from the normal jitters, and stretching that come from riding cold like i was. I took off on a couple of sprints to determine my top speed...uggg...25.3 but I had to keep telling myself that was into a head wind too! Average pace about 13-15 for the first few miles until we got warm. then we started rolling it up to about 16-19, now we're talking. I was starting to feel the fatigue in my legs. It had been Oct. '07 sense I rode last, and I was feeling it. The lactic acid was building up in my forearms too which is a new one for me. Pushing through it. I wasn't going to let that get to me, I used to experience this all the time racing in the past. With that out of the way I started to pull for a little, oh man did it feel great to be out in front at my own pace. Hitting 20-21 in the drops, it was like I was flying! The others jumped on after about 150 meters, guess I didn't hit'em that hard(next time).

At the half way point we hit some unpaved road repairs, it had been freshly graded. The others started complaining about the bumps, and gravel. Not me, I took the Raine's like it was Paris-Roubeax, and took off. Coming from a Mtn. bike back ground this was nothing new to me. Just a loose grip on the hoods and hammer! FUN! I waited for my comrades for about 30 seconds at the end(it was only a mile of pave). That's when the pain started...

After the pave the "Chief" started to roll it up to about 28-30. All I had to answer was to hold on and see where it took me. Well it didn't take me long... I started to bonk. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or my current diet, or just the fact that I'm a fat ass right now. But I couldn't hang. I fell back about 100m and got my 2nd wind. I bridged the gap back up and stayed in tight for about 2 miles. I was proud of myself. I still had it, even after all these yrs of not riding as I should have been. I still have it! I did think about the feel of my bike, the size and again how loose it felt under me. I've been riding for years and have rode many-a-many of bikes. I felt unsafe getting out of the seat and putting it down. I'll have to address this tomorrow! Can you say fit test!

The sprint took more out of me than I thought. The rest of the ride I was second from the back. Playing if off like I was helping Sgt. catch up to the front, the whole time struggling myself too. That went on for the last 7-8k. The ride ended at point "a" with all coming home safely. I learned where I'm at in my training, and nutrition. I did it though, I rode my bike for the first time sense my ex left me(I rode the same ride that morning too!) back in October! This was one step closer to getting my life back on my hands and not letting the past keep me down!!!

Upon leaving I changed and, started putting my ride on the racks. I was closing the fork in the drop out, when it slipped, and had to catch it from falling over... and must have pulled something in my back. Yup. Didn't know it until I got up for work @ 1545. Pain in the upper medial vertebra( my T6 or T7) haven't been to the doc yet. but I had to call out "broke" to work. Shit sux! I have to wait till the morning to see my Dr. otherwise I have to pay $200 to go to a doc-in-a-box, or pay $10 to see him. I can wait! sounds like icyhot tonight, and hot tub tomorrow! :) I guess I'll take tomorrow to start revamping my diet, and food intake. I'm tired so I'm out for now.

Starting weight: 225.6
Ending weight: 225.3

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